Size Doesn’t Always Matter

May 9, 2019
Andrew Kay

It was the great Freddie Mercury who said, “The bigger the better; in everything.” And while we agree that bigger CAN be better in digital marketing campaigns and brand overhauls, when it comes to selecting a digital marketing agency, bigger is not always better.

At Kay Media we’re keeping things small. We’re a small creative agency, and we like it that way.

We understand that it’s tempting to opt for a big agency when you’re looking for someone to take over your marketing campaigns, especially if you’re a big company yourself. But there are several reasons why a smaller advertising agency is a better option, for both small and big brands.

Why, exactly?

Well, in short, we care deeply about your business and offer a more personalised, individual experience. You aren’t ‘one of many’ in our books and we will always give you the attention that you deserve.

We’re pumped with passion

You won’t find any clock watchers at Kay Media. We’re all here because we’re extremely passionate about what we do. Our focus is on the work that we do. Because we don’t take on a bunch of different clients, the ones that we do have get our full attention. Each client counts and we have a genuine interest in your success. You are the big fish in our small pond, rather than the other way around.

Transparency with a personal touch

We always strive to be as transparent and communicative as possible with our clients. Because we’re small, you will get to meet the whole team and always know who you are dealing with. You won’t be handed over from one project manager to another, but rather get to build a solid relationship with your chosen creative agency. You can always pick up the phone and know who will pick up on the other end.

With a small digital marketing agency, you know that your business is going to receive dedicated time and attention from everyone in the agency – from the big boss to the best strategists. We’re all involved in your marketing campaigns and know what’s going on, and so will you. We’re like an open book.

We play to our strengths

Another advantage of a small advertising agency is that we can play to our strengths. Each member of the team has a specific strength and we make sure to find a way to best utilise that strength. We aren’t lost among a hive of employees that are simply placed into roles just because the role needed to be filled. Our strengths are our assets that we heavily invest in, leading us to produce great work.

As a small creative agency, we have become experts at a niche division. Our deep specialisation in our chosen field reduces your risk – we aren’t testing the waters to see if we can do what you need. We know that we can. While there may be strength in numbers, we feel that there is so much more strength in mastering a specific niche.

Small agencies are specialist agencies, and isn’t it always better to seek a specialist?

We’re also quite nimble

While we know what our strengths are and always strive to play towards them, we’re also nimble and always keen to adapt. There are no complicated approval processes in our agency. You want something changed? Cool, let’s have a quick discussion about it and implement. You get to benefit from additional speed and flexibility by having fewer people to go through at the agency.

We’re also always on the hustle, keeping our fingers on the pulse. It’s important for us to move at the speed of the marketplace. Keeping up with the new trends, new tools and global competitors is our daily interest. We move at the speed of the industry and will take you along for the ride.

Because of this, we’re also always keen to experiment. If we see that something isn’t working, we’ll try a new tactic. Or if something is trending on social, we’re happy to change up your social calendar to jump on the bandwagon. Flexible and quick to adapt is what wins. Every. Time.

Less bullsh!t, more creativity

Smaller digital marketing agencies are less bureaucratic. We get down to business straight away and don’t waste time with meaningless politics and company policies. We also won’t pull up on our high-horse thinking that we know better. Humble brag…but, we’re basically just genuine, nice people.

When you strip away the corporate nonsense, something magic happens. There’s more space for out-of-the-box thinking, creative solutions and interesting problem-solving. We don’t have restrictive red-tape stopping us from speaking out and suggesting a new way of doing things.

Many small creative agencies start from individuals who broke free from larger agencies because they wanted to seek more innovative and creative projects. They’re the ones that want to think outside of the parameters, resulting in creative outcomes. Now imagine a whole team (albeit small team) of creative thinkers working on your business’s marketing. All brains on board – from the boss down. Nothing but magic can come out of it.

Selecting to work with a small digital marketing agency is the way forward, we’re convinced of that. Not only are we more passionate and focused, but we’re results driven and quick to act. We have the ability to get to know all aspects of your business and properly understand your user’s behaviour. There’s no fluff in what we do, we just do it and make sure it’s done right. And if it’s not, we’re quick to change and move on without any red-tape holding us back.

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